or, really….re-start.

I did Insanity Max 30 This morning!  Right now I do the low-impact version, but, at some point I’ll pump it up!  This is a nice start though.

Packed up my lunches and snacks for the day.

The only thing I’m worried about right now, is getting home in time to eat my super delicious and nutrient rich dinner that I’ve already prepared.  Sometimes the day is long, and grueling, and sometimes, it just feels better to pick up something unhealthy, quick and easy on my way home.  So, that’s my main worry today.

I’ve been using the app Lose It! which is free and very easy.  I also love the Recipe Builder part to it.  That way, I know how many calories are in the things I cook and how to divide them in appropriate portions.

This turkey chili will be my dinner tonight!  It’s VERY flavorful.  With some crunchy pop corners.

8:02 pm– I wrote that first part around 6:30 this morning.  I’m not going to lie- my diet was fairly far from perfect today.  However a few things that I’m proud of:

  1. Doing my Insanity Max 30
  2. Not allowing a few small-ish indiscretions completely derail my efforts forcing a full-on binge.
  3. Being fully able to hold out for a healthy meal once I got home.
  4. Using the spinner at my desk at work.
  5. Not having that second ice cream sandwich that I almost fell for.

WOW!  That’s FIVE things to be proud of!!


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