1. Planning– planning what to purchase at the market, planning your menus for the week.
  2. Time Management– making sure there is TIME for exercise, rest, documenting your food, documenting your feelings, time with friends, time with family.
  3. Being Good To You– allowing yourself pleasures, rest, forgiveness, fun.
  4. Balance– the balance between tasting good, and being healthy.
  5. Making it a Game– dieting does not have to feel awful to be successful.  You can enjoy the challange of losing weight and getting healthy.
  6. Patience–  understanding and accepting that it will take some time to lose the weight.  This is often the hardest.  It’s like, sometimes I feel like, if I’m not skinny in three days it’s not working.  It’s too hard, I can’t do this.  But, reminding myself every single day, that it will take TIME, and learning how to be OKAY with that is really HARD.
  7. Special Occasions– often I use dinners with friends, family parties as an excuse to just go hog wild.  I go slightly crazy during the event, then go completely whole hog after the event, sometimes for days.  It somehow gives me free reign to just eat the whole house, then the whole supermarket.  And, somewhere along the way, I have to figure out how to manage this.
  8. One Day At A Time– when I think ahead to “how am I going to manage that dinner party” or “how am I going to manage that special occasion, or trip” I start to get very anxious.  This often makes me just give up on the whole idea.  So, stop worrying about obstacles in the future, and just concentrate on RIGHT NOW.

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